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Admitted to the South Dakota Bar in 1972

South Dakota personal injury law firm, Gregory A. Yates, P.C., is well known for rigorously fighting complex cases on behalf of injured victims and their families. When persons are exposed involuntarily to danger and injuries or death occur, that person or his/her family can bring a personal injury action against the party who owed a duty to the injured person to keep the environment safe. These injuries can happen at your office, store, mall, hospital, car accident and even public places.

Rapid City Lawyers
Rapid City Lawyers

In Rapid City and the State of South Dakota, when a person is injured, he or she can bring an action for physical and medical injuries. Damages from personal injury can include: pain and suffering; various forms of mental suffering and anguish, including fright, shock and emotional distress; loss of time or earnings and impairment of earning capacity; the reasonable cost of necessary medical treatment, hospital care, nursing services and related expenses; physical disability; and other expenses incurred because of the injury.

Gregory A. Yates, P.C. was also lead counsel in the Rampart police corruption scandal and recovered almost $20,000,000 for his clients who were victimized and injured by the scandal.

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Rapid City AttorneysIf you require an injury lawyer in Rapid City or surrounding communities, you need the South Dakota injury law firm that can offer personalized, compassionate advice and counsel and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible result for you. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients in personal injury settlements, awards and jury verdicts. If you or a loved one have been harmed as the result of someone’s negligence or wrongful conduct, please contact Rapid City personal injury attorney, Gregory A. Yates, P.C. online or call us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Top Verdicts and Settlements

Veronica Chavez v. Doe Public Entity $6,250,000.00
George Manzo v. Amador $5,000,000.00
Malik Singletary v. Pellerin-Milnor $5,000,000.00
Carlos Oliva v. City of Los Angeles $3,900,000.00
Wynn v. City of Los Angeles $2,150,000.00
Orlethea Thomas v. City of Los Angeles $1,800,000.00
Andrews v. County of Ventura $1,500,000.00
Huey Weldon v. Atlas Bar & Grille $1,500,000.00
Hortencia Delgado v. Guiterrez, et al $1,500,000.00
Mildred Phillips v. Reliable Cable, et al $1,500,000.00


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